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Erica Lewis Hair extensions are worn for many different reasons. Not everyone wants long locks and tones of fullness. This poor lady came to me for help , her hair snapped off from over bleaching at her previous salon. This is very common around the hair line and takes a lot of care and professionalism. However on this occasion care was not taken leading to this dreadful heartbreaking mess.

What did I do ? I added 20 nano ring hair extensions each to help disguise the breakage.
I made sure I didn’t over load the hair using a very small ring which as you can see is tiny and discreet. It’s that simply ladies ! A one hour service and just look at the results.

Ladies – if you are experiencing this please get in touch, you do have options.
Nano / micro rings can be worn safely with no effect on the natural hair. Contact Erica on 07702743953