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Yorkshire’s Brand New Hair Extensions Salon.

Erica Lewis Hair Extensions is a luxurious, unique salon based in Leeds 15 which has a bright and elegant atmosphere.
We are renowned for our excellent customer service and are committed to supporting our clients throughout there Hair Extension journey.

Our New Salon is now open.

ERICA LEWIS, 103 Selby Road


Hello and welcome! 
Thank you for taking the time to look through my website. My name is Erica and I’m a qualified stylist and hair extensions specialist, ABT accredited and fully insured. 

Hairdressing is my absolute passion which shows having worked in the industry for over 19 years! 
I always work to a very high standard and strive to achieve perfections for all my fabulous clients, delivering a tailor made service to suit each individual. 

I offer a wide range of different services and hair extension methods, working closely with all my hair extension suppliers to ensure we provide you with the best luxury hair on the market.

Hair extensions are worn for many reasons; length been the most popular, but over the last few years “disguising damage” has become more common. This may be down to health reasons, stress or even damaged from colouring –  the list is endless. 

I decided to offer a “FILLER” service which simply fills out the missing gaps. This adds volume and creates a fuller shape where the hair is missing or thinner, giving you that little bit extra where needed. 

Sometimes less is more, and in many cases the health and safety of the scalp and natural hair comes first. This is why consultations are so important, this gives me chance to assess your hair and of course your needs. 

I will always give my best advice and professional opinion. 

Want to add colour?

Is your hair too dark or fragile from over bleaching?
Hair extensions are the perfect way to go give you a natural lighter over all look without sacrificing the condition of your hair. 

A consultation requires a £10 booking fee which is redeemed against your service. 

Create an amazing look

No matter how big or small your transformation may be. My aim is to personalise your hair, giving you the confidence to wear it well.

Maintenance Appointments

Maintenance appointment are compulsory.  This service is carried out ever 6/8 weeks.
This ensures your natural hair stays healthy, and your hair extensions last longer

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Sectioning The importance of Application

Sectioning The importance of Application

Application is the key ladies !Have you had a bad experience with hair extensions. Erica Lewis is a perfectionist when I comes to fittings. Bad application comes with no experience and bad knowledge. If you are considering hair extensions i would certainly...

Disguising Hair Damage

Disguising Hair Damage

Erica Lewis Hair extensions are worn for many different reasons. Not everyone wants long locks and tones of fullness. This poor lady came to me for help , her hair snapped off from over bleaching at her previous salon. This is very common around the hair...

Less is More...

These are examples of the filling in service I offer, as you can see from the before photos the hair is much finer around the front of the hairline.

The after photos show that a little bit extra will make such a big difference.


All bookings should be made in advance using the contact details here or by filling our contact form in.


103 Selby Road
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